Free style translation of "Maye" Kriti     Word-by-Word Meaning

O Goddess Maya ! Please come to me.

Why do you vex me (by giving the troubles experienced in this mundane world)? Surely, I am unable to find out who you are, tormenting me like this?

You are the object of all meditations and you deserve to be meditated upon. Please come to me and give me happiness. Protect me.

You are the one praised and eulogised by all and you are worthy of such eulogy.

I am unable to decipher verily who you are.

Please appear before me. Bestow me with happiness and prosperity. Give me protection.

You are the means for one's success. You are the ultimate destination for all. You are elegant and have a beautiful body. You are the quintessence of the entire Universe. You are the manifestation of the Para-Brahman in flesh and blood. You are present everywhere and pervade everything.

You are the totality of the entire manifest Universe, O mother of Subrahmanya ! (or, the One, whom Subrahmanya has caused to rise !). You are the Ocean of nectar giving enjoyment to one and all. You reside in the innermost heart of hearts of all.

-- H. Ramamurthy